Monday, March 19, 2012

My "New iPad" Review

I really enjoy my new iPad. It is the first iPad I have considered buying. The combination of processing power, improved camera, improved screen, and creative applications made this iPad a must buy for me.

I purchased my new iPad from the Best Buy in Atwater Village, CA. I had a significant amount of funds on a Best Buy gift card, so I chose to buy it there. The store opened at 10:00am. I arrived at 9:05 and acquired a ticket for a white 64 gb Wifi iPad. I was probably number 30 in line, I was number 2 for that model...out of 300 or so. At Best Buy the lines were not long and the process was pretty quick. I was out in 30 minutes, but there was a lot of cell phone, accessory, and Best Buy care hard sell. I waited in line over 3 hours for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. The iPad line was like waiting in an In and Out drive thru in comparison.

I have spent so little time with an iPad, I didn't know how much it behaved like a Mac rather than an iPhone. Safari has tabs, and works more like a Mac. I most wanted to explore GarageBand. On the iPad it is amazing, and has a number of features that are impossible to generate on the Mac version. Apple took some time to reimagine the GarageBand interface, and how touching the instruments can change the experience. Amazing.

I purchases the iPad camera connection kit. The kit consists of two modules you plug into bottom of the iPad. One module has a USB interface, the other has an SD card interface. I discovered you can plug in the USB interface, and then plug in a USB card reader into the interface. USB card readers are pretty cheap, so this way you don't have to bring along the Apple SD card reader. Secondly, I shot some video with my Sanyo HD2000 video camera, as well as my Panasonic GH2 (with motion jpeg mode) and was able to acquire HD footage from both cameras that could be edited with iMovie for iOS. I also was able to connect my iPhone 4 to the iPad and pull images and video from it as well.

I write a lot of music, and shoots lot of video. The new iPad is really turning into a creative machine. I could easily write a song and edit a video on the new iPad in a pinch. However, there are limitations in the storage capacity of the iPad, as well as the file system. It's not like a Mac or PC. On the other hand I am compelled to use this device for my creative purposes. For example, I purchased the Korg Keystation 32, which is a small USB keyboard which ideal for laptops or iPads. The Korg Keystation 32 connects to the iPad through the camera connection kit. Odd, right? If you have some mad musical talent, you can play an instrument on the iPad itself and the keyboard at the same time. I have tried it a little, and you can hit a few chords on the iPad, and hit a few notes on the Keystation to match. This cannot be done in the same way in regular GarageBand.

I have purchased Photoshop Touch, Avid Studio, and iPhoto for iPad. I will report on them when I have spent more time with the programs. I expect them to be amazing.