Monday, January 28, 2013

The Mazda 2: So Much Potential

The Mazda 2 was released in 2010.  It was built on the same platform as the new Ford Fiesta, but had less power, fewer gears in the transmission, a lower rent interior, fewer tech goodies, and a bland body.

The car was giving good marks for it's light weight, and the way it drove.  That was about it.

Now Mazda has a few more compelling products like the CX-5 and the new Mazda 6.  Both of these new vehicles are styled nicely, and have some great new engine technology.  I think Mazda has the opportunity to leap-frog the Fiesta in it's next redesign.  Give it the same great Mazda 6 look, and a powerful Skyactive engine.

The potential for a great small car is right there, and Mazda needs to quickly capitalize on it.  I would expect things to at Mazda to be a bit chaotic after the divorce from Ford, but enough time has passed to make the Mazda 2 the world class compact it was meant to be.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where are all the Nexus 4's? On Ebay.

The coveted Google Nexus 4.  The device has been sold out on Google's Play Store since November.  How can you get one now?  Rather than pay $349 from Google, just pay $500 or more from a reseller. Currently Ebay has over 65 Nexus 4 devices on sale around the $500 price point.

What were the amazing selling point of the Nexus 4 again?

  • Low price
  • No 2 year contract
  • Pure Android experience
  • Great build quality
  • Freedom to take the device to the carriers you want
  • Did I mention low price?
There are so many people that are off of their 2 year cell phone contracts, that the affordable unlocked Nexus 4 was irresistible.  Reviews for the device were mainly positive.  However there were a number of opportunistic individuals who had no intention of using the Nexus 4, rather they would sell them on Ebay.  The Nexus hopeful are still looking to Google and LG to have their production match demand.  Years ago when the Nintendo Wii was released, they were nearly impossible to find for almost a year.  The smart phone technology market moves much faster than the video game console market.  If Google and LG are not fast enough, their customers may quickly move on to other Android alternatives.