Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sony Corrects Action Cam Mistakes...sort of

Last year Sony released the HDR-AS15/B Action Cam as a competitor to the GoPro.  Sony's camera came with a waterproof housing which included a tripod mount.  The camera itself had no mount, but did have a mic input on the bottom.  The problem is that the mic input is inaccessible while inside the waterproof housing.  However, the Action Cam has an oval shape, and without the housing, it just rolls over onto its side.

A new post on Engadget has announced new software enhancements, and new housings.  One of the new housings is the Skeleton Frame above.  As you can see, there is a hole cut out of the bottom, allowing access to the mic input.  One can assume that Sony has solved the camera design problem with a housing redesign...sort of.  Still, I find it amusing that Sony let such poor design aesthetics out the door.  Why offer the mic input if you can't access them?  The most important software enhancement is the availability of 1080p recording at 60fps.

A new Sony Action cam was around $270 and is now $240.  However, when you add $30 for the new Skeleton Frame, you are back up to $270.  Sony's Action Camera is somewhat more affordable, offers an external mic, and has some image stabilization capabilities.

I think Sony's Action Cam is a pretty good value, but a horrible design.  The new Skeleton Frame makes the camera more useful.  I am strongly considering picking one of them up in the near future.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The 5 Door Fiesta ST...Who will drive it first?

The Ford Fiesta ST made a media debut in Europe in March of 2013.  The reviews of the vehicle from the US and international media were extremely positive.  The vehicle reviewed by the media was a 3 door European version of the Fiesta ST.

In the United States we will receive a 5 door Fiesta ST.  For the 2013 Ford Fiesta Movement, a number of agents will have the opportunity to drive the 2014 Fiesta ST for 8 months.  It is entirely possible that the Ford Fiesta Movement agents will truly be the first people in the world outside of Ford to drive the 5 door US Fiesta ST.  So, it is entirely possible that if you want first impressions of the US Fiesta ST, you will have to go to the Fiesta agents rather than the automotive media.  It is also possible that Fiesta Agents may have the vehicle MONTHS before the automotive press.

The selection of 100 Ford Fiesta agents will be taking place in early May.  If you are nuts about the Fiesta ST, I suggest going to www.Fiestamovement.com, and following the ST agents.  I expect them to provide a more enthusiast perspective of the vehicle.

Update!: Bryan @BRGT350 and Brandon @racetech0722 Redeker have been selected as Ford Fiesta Movement agents.  They will most likely receive the Fiesta ST, once the Movement officially begins.  Follow them on Twitter to get the first Fiesta ST impressions and reviews.  Congratulations to them!